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Describe your character’s laugh:

It’s rare for Bucky to give a full and hearty laugh; that’s something that hasn’t happened since before he fell, but he’s often known for chuckles and lopsided grins. The recipients of which are typically the Captain or Natasha. If you can get him to actually laugh, it sounds warm and inviting, and usually ends with an undignified snort.

Some features of their typical morning routine?:

Bucky gets up very early, usually around 4 or 5AM to go for a run around Brooklyn. He doesn’t sleep late, typically because the nightmares set in and he isn’t able to. When he finishes his run, he showers, eats breakfast (usually cereal or toast), drinks his coffee, and then brushes his teeth. By then his hair is dry and he can put a little product in it before getting out the door to SHIELD H.Q.

It’s just a regular weekday, what are they wearing?:

It depends on if he’s working or not. If it’s a day off, he’s typically dressed in jeans and a long sleeved Henley. If he’s working, he dresses in his Winter Soldier uniform and the domino mask.

What is their preferred mode of transport for long journeys and why?:

For obvious reasons, Bucky does not enjoy airplanes but he will travel on them if he absolutely has to for a mission overseas. His preferred method of travel is on the two legs that he was gifted with at birth but he also loves cars, both working on them and driving them.

Name one aspect of their childhood or adolescence that has shaped a large part of their persona today:

Bucky’s Father was an integral part of how the young boy came to work with Captain America. After his Father’s death in a training accident at Camp Lehigh, Bucky aspired to be someone as heroic as he recalled his Father being and so when given the chance to work alongside Captain America to help save the world, he eagerly accepted it. His Father is why he did everything but his death, along with his Mother’s death, was why Bucky acted out a bit as a kid.

Name one form of injustice that they simply cannot tolerate:

There isn’t much that Bucky will stand for but he especially hates when people are cruel to children because he remembers what it was like being an orphan and there were times where he wasn’t treated kindly and so he gets incredibly protective of any child.

Are they more of a doer or an observer?:

He’s absolutely a doer. Bucky isn’t someone who will sit and watch things happen when instead he could help.

Name one thing that tends to impress them:

Bravery and courage even when the other person could have just as easily sat back and done nothing. He also is easily impressed by sarcasm and snark.

Which aspect of the arts can they most appreciate?:

He appreciates the literature of the generations past most.

Which common traits do they seek in both associates and lovers?:

Dominance. Though Bucky enjoys being dominant at times, he enjoys the challenge of dealing with someone who wants to take control which is why he goes for lovers 

Do they reflect the whereabouts or era that they were raised into?:

Since Bucky has had his memories back for years now and is living back in Brooklyn, his voice has slipped back into the accent he had before he fell into the hands of the KGB. He has a Brooklyn accent but at times you can still hear some of his Russian accent coming through.

What would be a safely enjoyable order at a restaurant?:

Pizza is one of Bucky’s favorite foods so if that is ever an option, he’ll usually go with that. Otherwise he enjoys steak or a nice fish option with wine.

Describe their social circle, what is their role within it?:

Bucky is a bit of a loner and he’s really only close to Steve and Natasha. But once in that social circle with them, he is incredibly protective and will do anything to make sure they are safe and well taken care of.

In a word, what is their ultimate aspiration?:

Redemption. He wants to make up for all of the deaths that he caused at the hands of the KGB.
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